Our Partners

Surrey Berkshire Counselling teams with local professionals to promote a holistic approach to wellbeing.


Siobain Degregorio

Children and Young People Counsellor - Working with Children and Adolescents is a specialised field and my training has equipped me to be able to use skills and approaches that allow me to work with young children who may not have the emotional vocabulary to express themselves.


Shieva Alipour

Child Psychotherapist - I hold an MA in Child Psychotherapy and have worked with children and young people since 2004. I work in partnership with parents for the best interest of their child. 


Hellen Halliday

Nutrition - Helen’s highly specialised work delves into how food can factor into a range of chronic conditions.  With the work Helen does with Active Solutions, it is clear how Nutrition can help long term health, to increase well being.


Hope in Depression

Hope in Depression is a 5 week course designed to support people suffering from depression. We will look at what depression is, possible causes, and ways to deal with depression.


Christians Against Poverty

The CAP Money Course is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works. This course will help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can budget, save and prevent debt.