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Mandy Mitchell

Qualified Relationship Counsellor

Registered Member MBACP

07561 703416

About ME

As an experienced, RELATE trained, Couple and Family Counsellor, I recognise that most relationships at some point experience challenges that seem difficult, even overwhelming. I have an excellent understanding of relationship issues and have worked with many individuals, couples and families.

Life is ever changing, and it is common to be:

  • Torn between the demands of private and professional lives
  • Worn down by the expectations of others
  • Wondering why that initial sexual attraction has waned or disappeared
  • Tired of the same old arguments
  • Missing fun, intimacy and closeness
  • Reeling from the impact of an affair
  • Experiencing tensions around the desire to have children
  • Exhausted by the demands of a young family
  • Grappling with the concerns of teenage children
  • Wondering what to talk about now the children have left home

Each of these scenarios is very common, and together we can work to find answers.

Relationship counselling is an opportunity to take stock and reflect with someone who has seen many variations of these scenarios before. I will help you either as an individual, couple or family to make sense of what is going on for you, and decide the best course of action in light of your reflections. We will work together to identify common interactions which leave you feeling, ‘Here we go again!’ and find more effective ways of communicating with one another. We will unravel some of the misunderstandings and hurt which ‘get lost in translation’ and begin to talk about difficult things in a way which is constructive and helpful. We may consider how the past might be affecting the present, and focus on how the future might be different.

My focus is always to help you through these difficulties in a way which enables you to feel in control of the outcomes of your counselling.


My career to date has included five years working for RELATE as a Relationship Counsellor. I have also spent thirteen years working in primary education, culminating in the post of Assistant Head and Special Needs Coordinator. As an accredited parenting coach, I also offer coaching sessions and bespoke packages for parents. Registered member of BACP

Training, Qualifications and Experience

  • Masters degree – Relationship Therapy (2016) - University of Hull
  • National Special Educational Needs Qualification (2015) - University of Reading
  • Positive Parenting Practitioner (Triple P) accredited trainer (2011) - University of Queensland
  • Bachelors degree – Psychology (2003) – The Open University


£50 per session for individual counselling

£60 per session for couple counselling

£50 per session for parenting coaching

Bespoke parenting packages on request

Further Information

My theoretical approach is Integrative, and includes systemic and psychodynamic training.

I offer both short and long term therapy.